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Jewelry, Belts & Hair Accessories

Creations of India is committed to providing a variety of quality merchandise for customers. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry.  We have Detailed Product Catalogs for the following categories of Products which can be mailed to you. We do not put our Latest designs here to keep them away from getting copied. Our Catalogs get updated every week with New Designs we make regularly.

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All Necklaces made from  Beads of  Metal, Wood, Horn, Glass, Resin, Stone, Bone and other Natural Materials


We have an exquisite range of Bracelets made from Seed Beads, Cords, Glass, Wood and other material tuned to latest trends


Earrings are made for every mood. We have different designs in Chandelier, Danglers, Tribal, loops, Fringes etc.


Bangles form an important accessory for every woman reflecting their passion towards life. We have Bangles in Sets, Stacks or even Stand alone ones.

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Cuffs are a form of Bangles which can be worn on your wrist easily. We have designs ranging from Modern trends to Traditional Egyptian Patterns


Rings are worn by people for Religious sentiments, Astrological motives & other reasons. We try to create latest designs which fulfils their reasons and are tune to latest fashion


Anklets are worn by women from the Ancient times. We have designs made for all Modern day outfits to traditional attires.


Belts form an important accessory for all modern day outfits. We have Belts in Leather, Macrame, Beads, Embroidery etc.

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These are type of Anklets. They are worn over the Ankle and go upto the knee by tying the cord on your Legs. It Goes well with Slippers and sandals with Matching Dresses.


These include Hair Bands, Hair Clips, Hair Pins  etc in different designs using different Fabric designs or Embroidery Patterns


These are Fabric Scrunchies made in Different Prints for tying Hair by Women. We have different designs with Simple Scrunchie, with Bow, with Tails or even with a small scarf.


Bandana are also a part of Fabric Accessory worn on the Forehead and helps to keep hair away from Face  by Women. Different Prints, designs, Knots we have them all.

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